FROM HOUNDHEADZ (powered by TranAm Ltd)

2019 was a busy year for us. Not content with launching one new division, winter sports specialist – Snowheadz,

we also added Houndheadz to our business, specialising in high quality products that will benefit your treasured pet.

As with Snowheadz, Houndheadz has its own website–

 and a devoted YouTube channel where you’ll find the latest video reviews, as well as Facebook,

Twitter and Instagram channels, all of which can be accessed via our website landing page.

Houndheadz is proud to offer Rukka Pets products.  Rukka is of course well known to us as the Finnish brand,

famous for their premium motorcycle products.

Rukka Pets understands the love that you have for man’s best friend, in much the same way as you do for your motorcycle.

In parallel with the bike range, a huge amount of effort goes into making sure that every product is the perfect fit,

with each item made from premium, long-lasting materials that are designed to withstand any weather.

We mentioned that Rukka bike gear looks pretty cool and the pet range also continues this trend

with everything designed to look fantastic and with the complete collection is fully coordinated.

The huge Rukka Pet range includes jackets, leads, collars, harnesses, paw wear, life vests,

safety wear and even microfibre bathtowels – all designed to provide maximum comfort and endurance

for your pet's daily activities, in any temperatures or any weather conditions.

Safety is important to Rukka so visibility is a priority. Their great range of safety gear includes reflective

and neon products that are essential in making sure that your pet is seen.

Environmentally conscious, some Rukka Pets models are made from recycled plastic bottles

including twist leads and collars, true leads and collars and flow jackets.

You can check out our complete collection of Rukka Pets products at